Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Not-So-Musical Chairs

Welcome back!  Wait, I mean, I'm back! :)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here, and I have desperately missed my little chats with you every couple of days.  I will catch you up in what is going on in our little lives.

Last time I checked in, I was telling you that I was on my way to a second interview for my possible job.  Well, the possibility came through, and I am now gainfully employed! 

I am the new Office Manager for a Landscaping company.  I have worked 3 days this week (due to the 2 holidays, it was a short week).  It is wonderful.  I honestly couldn't imagine a better job for me at this point in my life.  The owners are super, the hours and pay are good, and my co-workers all understand my crazy sense of humor (and the value of sarcasm)!

With me going back to work, however, our family has had to play our own little version of musical chairs.  I am now out of the house from 8-5:30 each day, and The Hubs has taken over the role of Household Manager.  He is doing spectacularly.  I have come home each day to 2 kiddos that are still happy and healthy, clean laundry, house and even made beds. 

I miss my babies, and I even miss The Hubs.  I had gotten used to having him around for a while.  But I am loving my new job, and hope to settle into a routine pretty soon, so I can get back to visiting with you all.

Have a great day!

Ms. L

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