Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prozac, My New Bestie

A little while ago I shared with you all that I am once again suffering from post partum depression and since then I have had quite the out pouring of love and support come my way.  Thank you all so much! 

I just wanted to update you all on how I'm doing.  My Doctor prescribed me Prozac (well, technically the generic version).  Prozac is my new best friend (sorry, Ms. L).  I just want to hug it and squeeze it and never let it go!  It has helped me climb out of the deep dark hole I was in.

I am still not the person I once was, but I'm also not the depressed person that I was for months.  I aspire to once again be the person that never worried about coyotes attacking myself or my children in the back yard (no joke a sign was posted near our neighborhood the other day warning that coyotes had been seen in the area), or snakes hiding in garbage cans to attack my loved ones.  (I know I'm weird).  The medicine is helping A LOT.  Thank you all for your prayers, love and support.

Ms. T

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  1. Ms. T, I am so glad that God has provided a way for you to be back to feeling nearly normal! Thank God for good doctors!