Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chaos, My Old Friend, Is That You?

Sorry I am so late on the Sunday post, ya'll.  But better late than never, right?

As you all know, our little blog is all about redefining what happiness is to fit into our chaotic world.  We have to look at things a little differently than we would have before to find the happy moments.  We have to laugh at moments that would normally make us cry.

Well, my little corner of the world has definitely been chaotic lately.  I have held back quite a bit, because I don't ever want to be a Debbie Downer, or a Negative Nellie.  (If your name is Debbie or Nellie, I am very sorry, but it is just automatically assumed that you are a negative person.  However, there is a Debbie that reads this blog that is quite the eternal optimist.  I don't believe however, that we have any Nellies.  Yet.  This is now an open casting call for blog readers named Nellie!)

Anyway, I was thinking this morning that I might not actually get to post today due to my circumstances, and it occurred to me that I haven't really been real with you lately.  If I am to redefine happiness in chaos, I guess I should acknowledge that I have a bit of chaos. 

The Hubs lost his job 4 weeks ago.  He was the sole income for our family.  We have had zero income for 4 weeks.  We filed for unemployment, and they just got with us this week to tell us that we should file with the state of GA instead of FL, and it would be better for us all around.  Well, that's great, but that means we have to start all over, and have 4 weeks of being unemployed without any unemployment benefits. 

Yesterday we moved in with The Hub's parents.  With only a part-time job (10 hours a week) right now, we had to let go of our apartment, and the bills that come along with such independence.  

Welcome to Chaos! 

Let me explain.  We didn't just move in with my in-laws, Babs and Papa.  We moved in with the whole family.  Just the 10 of us.  Babs, Papa, Greatma, Greatpa (both of whom are snow birds and will only be here until April), M (my Sister in law), and K (my niece), and my crazy family of 4.  We went from being a pretty laid back, relaxed, able-to-fit-in-a-booth-at-a-restaurant group, to laundry and shower schedules, to putting half our lives in storage, to cooking for 10 instead of barely cooking at all.  We went from no pets to 11 horses, 1 cow, 4 outside cats and a chihuahua.  We don't have cable, dish or any form of TV that isn't fuzzy.  Our internet usage is strictly limited to just a few moments a day. (My husband claimed that he needed to send an email, just so I could play my daily game of Bingo.  I know, lame! But here I am typing this instead.  What a good little hubby!)  The kids are sharing a room that is attached to the house's 2nd kitchen that the Greatparents use.

This, my friends, is chaos!

But there are some wonderful things about it.  My kids are spending time making great memories with family.  My bedroom has wonderful cathedral ceilings.  The house has 6 bedrooms, so we aren't falling all over each other.  We are only 4 minutes from The Boy's school.  The kids have 20 acres to run all over and play.  We have a pool although it's a bit chilly for that right now.  We are working together as a family unit, each helping the other in whatever ways we can.  We are saving money, although I don't know if it counts as saving money, when you aren't really making money to save, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, this is my little bit of crazy right now.  If I am late posting, or my posts seem rushed a bit, know that it is because the chaos has overtaken me for a few minutes, and I will return to normal as soon as possible.

I hope you had a Happy Sunday!

Ms. L

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