Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wowzers, Long Time No See...

Ok, so I knew I'd been lax about my posts and that I hadn't done one in a long time, but I didn't realize it had been 9 months!  Holy cow bells!  How in the world have you people lived without me?!  I'm so sorry! ;)

I could give you a lot of reasons/ excuses as to why I haven't done any posts, but I'm not.  Let's just leave it at "Life is crazy busy during the school year, and Ms. T sometimes is in a depression made worse by the craziness and so doesn't even want to think about having another thing to do".  Mmmmkay?

For reals, I'm sorry and I'll try to do better.  The good news is I have a TON of posts that I'll be writing here in the not so distant future about my crazy kids and their antics.  There are some whoppers in there too, let me just tell ya.

Ta ta for now,
Ms. T

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