Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adventures in Cookie Baking

In my family we have a tradition.  Every year at Christmas time we make my great grandmother's sugar cookies.  They are delicious, but the dough is very hard to stir up and it is very hard to work with afterwards.  Thus, the only making them once a year.

This year is the very first time I have attempted these by myself.  I never realized how very dependent I was on my Mamma's expertise when it came to these!  I had quite the time making them, but they (for the most part) turned out pretty well. 

Then I tried to make the icing.... which my Mamma doesn't have a recipe for, because her Mamma didn't have a recipe for it.  They just eyeball it and keep adding things til it turns out right..... Guess what I learned?  I learned that I NEED a recipe!  Try as I might that icing while edible ( I mean come on how inedible could it be when the ingredients include milk and like 4 tons of powdered sugar?  Well, at least that's how much I put in.... like I said I need a recipe)looks NOTHING like it should. 

Oh well, I have completed my obligation for making these bad boys for this year.  Here's hoping that next year I'll be less inadequate in the kitchen! 

Merry Christmas!

Ms. T

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