Monday, July 29, 2013


Just when you think you've become immune  to the embarrassment your children can cause you, they rise to the occasion.  The children chose to say, "Challenge accepted, parents!"

Yesterday, it was Sweet Pea that accepted the challenge and hit new heights of embarrassment for her parents.  We were at church, and I was signing her into the Nursery (they have each parent sign the child in and then they are assigned a pager and a # for being reached for emergency and security purposes).  The Hubs, Firecracker and Sweet Pea were all out in the hallway that leads to the Nursery waiting for me to finish signing her in.  

All the sudden there was an ear piercing siren going off.  I looked back and Sweet Pea had somehow managed to reach the fire alarm!  Not only was the alarm going off in the Nursery building it was also going off in the adjoining building too.  UGH!  So we walked out to find someone to help turn it off, and there are all these people outside trying to escape the "fire".  I wanted to hide in a closet!! 

Thankfully the people at our church are very forgiving, and they have great senses of humor.  Everything turned out fine, the Fire dept. was called and told it was a mistake, and the alarm was turned off.  And church went on as planned.  

Oh, my children!  I love them to bits!  I hope they will never find a way to top this embarrassment, because this level is pretty high!

Have a great day!
Ms. T    

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