Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Done?

Sweet pea has started a new "trick".  When she has decided she doesn't want to eat any more, because she'd rather go play, but she knows that because she hasn't eaten enough to be allowed to get up, she starts piling her food onto Firecracker's plate.  Once her plate is "clean" she throws her arms in the air and says, "all done, Mommy" very excitedly.

She thinks she is so tricky.  What she doesn't realize is that 1. I see her doing it, 2. I will bust her on this when I stop laughing about it.... One of these days.  

Yes, I realize she is lying.  And yes, I do plan on busting her on this the next time I see it. It just caught me off guard (neither time was I at the table when she did this.  I just happened upon it as I re-entered the room).  

Even though I know she is doing wrong, I still laugh about it in my head (I hold many conversations there.  Most of them I find hysterical.  I KNOW I'm crazy.  I take meds for it ;).

Have a great day!
Ms T    

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