Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Question Friday

 Good morning, friends!  Today Firecracker is spending the day with his cousins.  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  I know I still have 1 kid, but it's soooo weird.  

Ok, onto the 5 question fun!

1.  What is one thing you have to many of in your house?
     Hmmm, can I say clutter?  Clutter is everywhere it seems.  Other than that I'd probably go with toy cars.  When I cleaned out the toys the other day I organized them and put all the toy cars together and all by themselves they fill one 13 gallon bin!  That is Ca-Ra-AzY.

2.  Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day?
     Well, see I was not a high maintenance bride (at least in my own opinion).  Yes, I wanted things to be pretty and wonderful, but I didn't stress out about them as long as the Hubs and I were married at the end of the day I was one happy girl!
     All that to say, yes, of course there were things that didn't go as planned on my wedding day.  I don't think I could name a wedding that DIDN'T have something go wrong or not as planned.  Hahaha!  Anyway, our wedding was out doors and up til about 30 minutes before the ceremony it was pouring down rain.  But it stopped and we got hitched ;)

3.  What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe?
     Ummm, I'm not sure.  I haven't been making smoothies lately.  I have however been making juice with my juicer.  And I will share that recipe:
1 lime
3 or 4 whole apples
1 cucumber

Throw it all in the juicer, put a little ice in it and stir.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!  So delicious!!!  Oh great now I'm craving one =)

4.  What is the weather like where you are?
     HOT.  It is crazy hot here.  I'm talking - walk outside to go to the car and start sweating- kind of hot.  It is ridiculous.  However, I've always lived here so I'm used to it.  It doesn't make me love it, but I'm used to it.

5.  What is your favorite book to read to your kids?
     We have a Veggie Tales devotional book that the kids and I both love.  Other than that my favorite book changes.  Mostly it's ones that we haven't read in a while.  Oh and NONE of the Disney books that come from the movies.  Ie Toy Story, Lion King, Little Mermaid etc.  Those books are sooooooo long.  I mean I'm all about reading to my kids.  We all love it, but when it takes 15 minutes to read a kids book we all lose interest.

Okie dokie have a great weekend!
Ms. T

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids?

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  1. I write this I am surrounded by toy cars and car rugs!!

  2. Definitely have too much "clutter" too, but if I had to name an "item" I'd go with dishes. Not familiar with using a juicer, but I'll have to try your combo in my "nutribullet" and see what happens.

    1. I've heard great things about the "nutribullet". You'll have to tell me how the combo works in it. =)