Monday, July 1, 2013

6 or 7?

Last Saturday the Hubs and I celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage!  I can honestly say that when God created the Hubs He was making him just for me.  God knew where I'd fall short and would need help.  And conversely God knew where the Hubs would need a little extra support.  We are an amazing team!

Saturday morning I got up and kissed the Hubs and thanked him for picking me.  Then I gave him his card that said I was looking forward to the next 93 years of our lease (we joke that on our wedding day we signed a lease for 100 years and once those 100 are up then we'll re-evaluate and see if we want to re-up the lease ;).  The Hubs read the card and looked at me all confused.  He said, "wait, we've been married 7 years?"  Then I realized that I counted the year we dated in my adding.  Whoops! 

Apparently, I'm awful at math, or maybe it's just that my memory is shot.  Hey, at least I remembered it was our anniversary!

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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