Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Laundry is a dirty word in my home.  I despise it.  And the more I ignore it and wish it away the bigger and more consuming a task it becomes. 

I never really minded doing laundry until I became a mommy of 2.  Now the laundry never ends.  It sits and mocks me from the hampers.  But it is a chore that must be tackled so I go at it (when I can muster up the energy.  Don't worry we never wear dirty clothes, I won't let it get THAT bad! ;). 

The other day I had done some laundry and had put it all away neatly.  Then came bed time for the Firecracker.  He went into his drawers and saw new Super man p.j.s.  He pulled them out all excited wanting to wear them.  I said, "yeah, buddy, mommy washed them just so you could wear them."  Firecracker then threw his arms around me and said, "thanks, Mom, I love you." !  I melted!  I melted so much I became a puddle on the floor.  Who said laundry was a thankless job?  I'll do laundry every day of the week if it gets that kind of response. 

And this is reason 877,655,443,456 that I love my little man.  He's so full of surprises. 

Hope you have a great day!


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