Friday, April 6, 2012

5 Question Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  Today I will get a chance to try my hand at photographing a tiny baby!  EEEEKKK!  I'm so excited =).  Not to mention they are close friends of the family, so I hope I get some super great shots for them. 

Alrighty, now on with the fun!  Thanks again to Mama M. for letting us link up.

 1. Would you prefer having people over for dinner or going to their house?
     It all depends on how awful my house is.  If my house looks like a tornado has passed through it, then I’m all about going to someone else’s house.  If my house is clean or even clean-ish I’m cool with having people come here.
2. Favorite Bible verse and why?
     Jeremiah 33:3- “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”
     I love this verse, because God promises to help us if we will just call out to Him.  Such a comforting verse!
3. What was the first concert you ever attended, and the most recent one?
     The first concert I attended was also the most recent one I attended so this one is easy =).  For a special, surprise date night, before Sweet pea was born, the Hubs took me to a Jars of Clay concert.  It was awesome, because they were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their first album (which I LOVE).  It was great and my Hubs is so amazing, just so you know.
4. The year is 2025. What are you doing, and what have you done?
     In 2025 I will have 2 teenagers (Lord, help me!), and Firecracker will be old enough to have his license.  I will need all your prayers, and possibly some xanax. 
      And in the past 13 years, I will have cured cancer, accomplished world peace, and finally been able to leave my house without any diapers packed.  Wow, I’ll be amazing in the next 13 years =).  Ok, so for real?  I will have spent 90% of my time raising children trying to form them into respectful, productive little people, so that when they are teenagers, and adults they will be respectful and productive.  I think that’s a worthy goal.
5. What's your favorite Easter treat?
     Egg shaped reese’s cups.  Probably because I love reese’s cups in general, and I do love holidays so what could be better? =)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Ms. T

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