Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Newest Addiction

You remember that for mother's day my wonderful Hubs bought me a Kindle Fire?  No?  You were going on with your life and had let that small detail of my life slip right out of your mind?!  How dare you! haha!

Anyway, I have become severely addicted to this.  I've always enjoyed reading, but I've never had so many books at my finger tips.  I usually read about 4 or 5 books a year (I know that's totally slackerish, but I'm bad about getting to the library, and I hate spending moola on something I'm going to be done with in a week or less.).  Well, the Kindle has changed all that!  In 14 days I've read 7 books! 

I even have to force myself to take hiatuses from reading so often so I can clean and do laundry etc.  (Most of the time, I don't read while the kiddos are up.... Unless the Hubs is home and the book is particularly addicting.  Then I've been known to hide in our room for a little bit so I can read the next chapter ;).

Let's just say the Kindle is one of the BEST gifts I've ever gotten!  The Hubs is so awesome.  Gotta love him!

Hope you all have a great day!

Ms. T

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