Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Few Things You May or May Not Know About Me

You may not be interested in these things about me, but I just thought I'd share.

1.  My favorite color is pink.  LOVE IT! 

2.  I'm sarcastic.  I am and always will be.  If you are sensitive, it's a good possibility we will never be best friends. We'll get along, but I'll never feel free to be myself.  I'm too afraid my sense of humor will offend you.

3.  I try hard to like people and give them the benefit of the doubt.  The Hubs thinks I need to be less trusting, but I feel like people should be trusted until they give me reason not to.  (It's all about past life experiences.  That's why the Hubs is less trusting, but WAY friendly.  Given time he'll trust.)

4.  Sometimes I laugh or smile at very inopportune moments.  I don't handle confrontation, times when I feel I'm in trouble, or when I have to reprimand others well.  I almost always smile.  Which is really awkward, because then it looks like I'm enjoying it.  Which I'm not it's just a nervous reaction.  I HATE IT!

5.  Parenting is a true joy to me.  I am so greatful to the Hubs for working so hard so that I can stay home and parent our babies while they're so young.  

Here's a short list of stuff about me.  You may care, you may not.  It doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't ;).  

Hope you have a great day!

Ms. T  

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