Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mothers had a great Mother's day.  Actually, I hope everyone had a good Mother's day! 

My Mother's day was MAAAAHHVALOUS!!!  The Hubs was super sweet even taking on diaper duty for me ;).  Firecracker made me a card in Sunday school, thank you Sunday school workers!  Sweet pea was sweet like always. 

The Hubs sent Firecracker into the kitchen with my gift in a gift bag.  Firecracker brought it to me and I said, "Oh buddy, what's that?"  Firecracker said, "I don't know!"  and proceeded to open the gift.  Hahahahaha!

The gift was my very own Kindle Fire!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  I love to read.  My Hubs knows me so very well! =)  I was patient to not play with my new toy until after we went to church. 

We came home, had lunch and laid the kids down for their naps.  After nap time, we ate a bit of dinner and then took a walk as a family (our church didn't have an evening service, because they encouraged people to stay home and spend time with their family for Mother's day.) All in all my day was perfect!

I hope you all have a great day!

Ms. T

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