Tuesday, May 8, 2012


You might have noticed my absence last Friday, or maybe you didn't which is cool.  I'm not offended that you were using your internet time to read other blogs rather than taking the time to notice I didn't post last Friday =).  Anywho, the REASON I didn't post last Friday, was not because I forgot, but that I wasn't home to post.  I was helping my older brother and his family move.  We drove to St. Augustine on Thursday and spent Friday moving them in. 

It was exhausting for all involved.  Even the kiddos were wiped out, but their exhaustion was more from missing naps and running around like crazy people with their cousins, than from moving big boxes up and down the stairs. 

My Sis in Law unpacking.  And right now she's hating the fact that I put this up on the blog ;)

My parents came along too to join in on the moving fun, and while Daddy helped unpack the truck Mama took on "Gram Duty" which involved keeping all the kids occupied so that they didn't trip anyone that was moving heavy furniture.  Sure it's not a typical moving job, but trust me it TOTALLY helped. 

My nephew and niece, Tank and Princess (as dubbed by my bro.).  Being corralled by Gram (not pictured) ;)
I hope you all have a great day!

Ms. T

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  1. Once you come back you can see how much better things are now! If you can drag me off the beach to show it:)