Monday, February 20, 2012


It's funny how parenthood changes you.  I was thinking today about all the differnt rolls you take on when you become a Mommy.  It's not simply taking care of someone else.  No, no, Mommyhood is not even remotely that simple.

All of the sudden you become a nurse, an interpreter (no, honey, when he cries like that he's tired not hungry.  Then later it's explaining to others what he's saying while his words are still a little jumbled.), an architect, an engineer (because you have to be in order to put some of these toys together!), imaginitive like never before, able to make a toy out of a shoe box or a plastic spoon, a tent maker, professional laundry doer (because although these people are small, they make HUGE piles of laundry), a scholar in all things veggie tales and mickey mouse, sleep walker (because some days you have to be after not having slept all night, but still required to take care of your bundle of joy), carpet cleaner, and the list could go on from here to eternity.

It's amazing how motherhood stretches you and makes you discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.  It's amazing (and at times exhausting) for sure.  Just a few thoughts that if you're a Mommy you already knew and if you're not a Mommy you may not be interested in at all, but they popped into my head so I  thought I'd share ;).

Have a great day!!

Ms. T

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