Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Awesome Friend

Since the Hubs has come home with all his body parts, the Doctors ordered him to stay off of all fat.  This is such a healthy diet, but I had NO idea how many foods actually had fat in them.  Pretty much if it doesn't grow then it has some form of fat in it.  This makes dinner planning rather difficult, unless we're having salad.  And that gets old pretty quickly.

I have a fantastic friend, the amazing Ms. S, that due to health issues of her own in the past has had to have this type of a diet. She has given me tips and tricks to help us have a variety of meals rather than just salad.  Ms. S. even surprised us and brought us some DELICIOUS meals just to prove her point (and to prove what an awesome friend she really is ;).  

Through the years Ms. S. has been an awesome friend.  I'm so glad that she is in my life.  I love her and her gang of kiddos (she has 5).  They're an great family.  

Anyway, this is my tribute to my friend who has taught me much about parenting, being a wife and a cook.  

Thanks, Ms. S!

I hope you all are lucky enough to have a Ms. S. in your life.  Have a great day!

Ms. T  

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  1. I too thank the Lord for Ms. S! She has been a blessing to our family in many ways and is truly a part of the family herself! Thank the Lord for her help in the "no-fat-diet-department!"