Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Snot is a part of our lives right now.  It's allergy season big time here.  When we go outside our vehicles are covered in pollen.  After it rains our puddles have yellow pollen rings around them.  Sweet pea especially has been having snotty issues.

As a result of the allergies Sweet pea is getting pretty good at blowing her nose.  She will actually blow when you tell her to (a mile stone all Mamas are glad to see).  Well, this mile stone also comes at a price.  

Sweet pea has begun to blow her own nose.... into her shirt!  GROSS!!  When I caught her doing it I told her, "no, Sweet pea!  That's yucky!!"  And I cleaned her shirt off with a wet wipe (we were not at home at the time otherwise I would have changed her shirt).  She laughed, repeated, "uck, uck" and then promptly blew her nose into her shirt again.  Then she took the wipe from my hand and cleaned her own shirt off..... It's disgusting and humorous all in one.

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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