Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Life

Last night, after I had changed into my jamma pants, I remembered I was supposed to pick up one of the Hubs' prescriptions that day and I had totally forgotten about it.  So I had to run to the pharmacy.  It has a drive thru window so I decided it wouldn't be a big deal to wear my jamma pants (as a rule I don't generally wear my pajamas in public.  That's not how I roll).  I still had on the shirt I'd worn all day and the top half was all they'd see right?

When I got to the pharmacy the pharmacy tech told me that they couldn't fill the Hubs' script (why couldn't they call me for that info?).  After a little more communication it turned out that they had mixed up the Hubs with a different patient.  I should have taken this as sign that the visit wouldn't go so well.  However, the mistake was caught pretty quickly and I didn't think much about it, aside from being glad the issue had been straightened out.  

I paid and the guy put  all my things into the little basket to return to me.  However, he did not bother to put anything on top of the receipt.  So as soon as the drawer opened toward me the receipt literally flew away.  Now, the Hubs and I have been trying to save all receipts so that we can itemize our taxes at the end of the year.  So of course I was all, "ahhh!  I need that receipt!!!"  I pushed the pharmacy drawer closed and opened my door slightly to see if I could see the receipt.  Of course I couldn't and there was a car in line behind me.  So then I got out of the van and glanced around a little more.  Still couldn't find the ding dang receipt.

I got back in the van and pulled forward so the other car could have their turn.  Then I proceeded to get out of the van and hunt the parking lot.....  The good news is I did find the receipt.  And after my ire about losing my receipt subsided I realized that I had totally forgetten that I had on my hot pink, striped pajama pants and a shirt that didn't even remotely match...  Yep, this is my life.  This event is not even close to being isolated.  This kind of thing happens to me rather frequently.  Most of the time I just let it roll off of my back, because I'm used to it, but this time I thought maybe you'd like a little giggle at my expense ;).

Have a great day =)
Ms. T

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