Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Have I told you all that my bestie, Ms. L, and I co-coach a basket ball team for a small Christian school in our area?  Well, if not I'm telling you now.  

Last night was the last game of our season.  Most of my girls had never played basketball before.  They knew very little about the game at the beginning of the season.  Now, they aren't perfect at it yet, but they have made some huge strides since their first game.  (we played a total of 6 games this season).

Sadly, our team lost every game this year.  Some by under 10 and others we lost by over 50.  However, not one time did my girls complain to me.  They just love to play.  These girls aren't perfect, but how many people do you know that could lose a game by 57 points and then look at you and say, "Oh, I don't want the season to be over.  Can't we play some more games?!"

I'm so proud of my girls.  Yes, they learned some about basketball, but they also have learned that in life you don't always get to win.  And they've learned how to be gracious even when we don't win.  I'm so proud of them!  

May we all learn to be gracious even when life doesn't go our way.

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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