Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday Sweet pea was having a melt down.  She had been cranky all morning and she had gone into the play room with Firecracker and all the sudden broke down into tears.  

Firecracker was so sweet!  He came over and said, "Sissy, you want me to sing you a song?"  Then he began singing "Jesus Loves Me".  He apparently only knows the first verse, but he kept singing it over and over.  Guess what?  Sweet pea calmed down and started playing with him again.  

Seeing Firecracker be so sweet just melts my Mama heart!  Firecracker is growing into a sweet, caring, tender hearted little boy and it makes me so happy!  My heart is so full of love for my kiddos I don't think there is any more room in it =).

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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