Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shark Steam Mop Review and Story

*This is not a sponsored review.  All thoughts, statements and ramblings are my own.*

Right before Firecracker was born I asked the Hubs to get me a Shark steam mop.  The mopping system I had been using had a chemical that recently had been shown to cause deaths in small animals.  I really didn't want that around my baby.  So the Hubs, being the wonderful, sweet man that he is got me one.  I loved it!  

However, about 6 months ago my mop kicked the bucket.  It gave up the ghost.  It was pushing up daisies. etc.  I was sad.  And so for the last 5 3/4 months I've been cleaning my floors by getting on my hands and knees scrubbing with bleach.  I do love bleach, but it wasn't super fun going back to this method.

So day after Thanksgiving Walmart had one for 40.00.  I was reluctant to spend 40.00 on myself (what penny pinching wife and mother feels guiltless when spending moola on themselves?).  But I did it anyway.  And boy oh boy am I happy I did! 

It cleans my floors very well and while I'm not sure I subscribe to the whole "kills 99% of bacteria" claim I'm cool with it.  It gets my floors clean and when I'm done my socks don't stick to parts of the floor anymore.  That makes it totally worth it!

Now if someone would just invent a self cleaning floor so that it doesn't look like I completely ignore cleaning my floors one day after I've swept and mopped them I'd be eternally grateful!  I think I'll ask Santa for that one ;).

Merry Christmas!
Ms. T

P.s. Walmart offered a 2 year warranty on the mop for 4.00.  I totally bought that! 

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