Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 About a month and a half ago the Hubs and I went over the budget looking for places we could cut.  The biggest money saver would have been the cable.  We knew it was expensive, but we LOVED our DVR (the Hubs constantly told people it had saved our marriage! haha!) and the Hubs loves to watch racing series.  Not NASCAR so much as the Australian V8 series and formula one etc. etc.  Those series are much more difficult to find anywhere but cable.  Needless to say cable was our guilty pleasure we still allowed ourselves.

Finally, the Hubs and I made the decision.  We had to cut somewhere so cable was out.  We were saving ourselves 60.00 a month!  That's a big deal.  Do we miss cable?  Sure we do, however, not nearly as much as I would have thought we would.  It turns out we can live without it! Imagine that ;).  We have indulged ourselves in Netflix streaming.  So instead of paying 60.00 for cable we pay 8.00 for Netflix.  It's not the same and the poor Hubs doesn't get his racing, but he does get like 4,000 episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos (which is one of his all time favorite shows).  

No cable is working well for our family right now.  Will we have cable again someday?  Probably, but not anytime soon.  We are content with what we have and still looking for places we can tighten the belt just a smidge more.  If we find any great ideas I will let you know =).

Merry Christmas! (Can you believe Christmas is only a week away?!  A WEEK!!!)
Ms. T 

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