Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Question Friday

Good Morning, Friends!  I hope you all are having a great day!  It's going to be a great weekend around our house.  My Bro., Ham, and his wife and babies are coming into town tomorrow!!!  And they'll be here all the way through Christmas.  And of course they'll be the Christmas shopping and Church going.  

Alrighty, let's get on with the 5 question fun!  Once again thanks to Mama M. for letting me link up!

1. If you bake during the holidays, what is your favorite thing to make?

     I do bake during the holidays.  We have a Christmas tradition of making my great grandmother's sugar cookie recipe.  They are seriously the best sugar cookies you will ever eat.  Maybe if you're good I'll share the recipe before long ;).

2. Present giving: Gift bag vs wrapped box?
      I love having actual wrapped presents under the tree.  However there are some very awkward shaped things that necessitate being wrapped in a gift bag.  Otherwise I might just want to poke my eye out with a pencil, because of all the paper that gets torn trying to wrap odd angles.  So for the sake of my eyes I use bags sometimes.

3. What do you keep your thermostat on during the winter/summer in your house?
     During the summer we keep the thermostat at 78 degrees.  I know that's not cool, but trust me when it's 90 outside 78 feels delightful.  Plus if we put the thermostat on 75 the Hubs and I would have a collective heart attack when the power bill came every month.  During the winter we keep our heat on to about 73ish.  However, this winter has been very warm so we've only had a handful of evenings we have even needed the heat on.  We have however, needed to turn the air on a few times.

4. When thinking of your "Christmas to-do list" what percentage "done" are you?
     I'd say I'm about 80% done.  I still have a few presents to buy for Sweet Pea and I still need to figure out what to get the Hubs.... Anyone have any ideas?  Men are so hard to buy for... Unless it's car parts and goodness those are expensive.

5. Do you do the "Elf on a Shelf"? If so, is your Elf naughty and what shenanigans has he gotten into?
     This may not make me very popular and if so sorry you feel that way.  Anywho, we do not teach our kids that Santa is real.  We don't boycott Santa either.  We read stories with Santa and Frosty etc. But  we make sure to tell the kids that Santa is a nice story, but the real reason for Christmas is Jesus.  So all that to say, no, we don't do the elf on a shelf thing.  Not to mention that would take lots of creativity and effort and I'm basically lazy ;).

Merry Christmas! 
Ms. T

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