Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sweet pea got sick on Sunday and puked all over herself and her car seat on the way to church.  Since then the Hubs and I have cleaned up mucho puke-o.  

Sweet pea seemed to be doing better yesterday.  Her fever had pretty much broken and she hadn't puked in 24 hours.  She was still clingy, but it looked like we were past the worst of it.

You'll never guess what I woke up to this morning.  Firecracker was crying an unusual cry.  When I ran into his room he had puked all over his bed.  Yay (please read that with TONS of sarcasm).  What a way to start the morning.  

I have decided to start a reverse bucket list.  A list filled with things I never want to do again before I die.  Cleaning up puke happens to be numero uno on the list as of today.  

Wishing you a non puke filled day!

Merry Christmas!
Ms. T    

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