Monday, December 17, 2012

Prayers and Guns

I've been sick to my stomach all weekend over what happened in Connecticut last Friday. I will never understand why people decide to take lives of others.  Especially lives of children.  I have read and heard about the other shootings that have happened and while they all disturb me this one hits me harder than the others.  I can't imagine kissing Firecracker and sending him into school and then never getting to hug and kiss him again.  I have been praying for the parents and families of the victims.  

This time of year has to be incredibly hard to lose a loved one.  Especially through events like this.  Imagining the families now having gifts under the tree for a recipient that will never be able to open them is heart breaking.  My heart and prayers go out to these families.

All of that being said, my thoughts on guns have not changed.  As a matter of fact my feelings about guns have gotten stronger.  I am a gun advocate.  I do realize that bad things happen when bad guys have guns.  However, bad things happen when bad guys have knives,  and fertilizer (it's in home made bombs).  There is no way legislators can make laws to keep bad guys from being bad.  In my opinion we have to learn to defend ourselves to help keep our families safe.  

And this my dear readers, is why I'm seriously considering getting my concealed weapons permit.  Do I relish the idea of carrying a gun around with me? No, I do not.  Do I have any visions of grandeur thinking that I will save my family one day weilding my gun against some crazed gunman? Negative.  I never even want to have to pull the gun unless it's to practice my aim.  At a shooting range of course.  A gun is not a toy.  A gun is a method to protect my family.  And I want to protect my babies with whatever means I have available to me.

Sorry to go all serious on you.  Tomorrow I should be back to my crazy self ;).

Merry Christmas!  Hug your babies a little longer and a little tighter today.
Ms. T  

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