Friday, August 16, 2013

Family Date Night- Arcade

Our family has started "family date nights" lately.  And I can tell you they are so much fun!  You may be asking yourself, "what is a 'family date night'?"  Thanks for asking, I'll tell you!  

Pretty much the Hubs, Firecracker, Sweet pea and I go somewhere that we will all enjoy.  For instance our first family date night we had in awhile was to an arcade.  We cashed in 15.00 for that amount of money we got 60 tokens and 4 free miniature golf tickets. (Their miniature golf course is inside, only 9 holes and kinda cheesy, but we enjoyed it!) and stayed til the tokens ran out.  Then we cashed out our tickets, let the kiddos pick out their toys they could "buy" with their tickets and went home.

It was so much fun!  There were no expectations, the kids didn't have to stay seated or stay quiet they could run and play and be themselves.  It was fun as parents too, because we got to see our kids play games and we got to interact with them on a whole different level than we normally do at home.

We will continue to have "family date nights" as often as our budget will afford.  =)

Here is a picture of Firecracker and I posing with the fans he and Sweet pea chose as their prizes.

  Have a great day!
Ms. T

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