Monday, August 12, 2013

Escape Artist

Sweet pea is a climber.  She is not daunted by obstacles.  It's pretty cool to watch her little mind work.  However, it can scare this Mama half to death!  

The other day we were in Walmart, and Sweet pea was sitting in the back of the cart (she insists she's too big to sit in the front).  Whatever, as long as she stays seated it's cool with me.  Anyway, we were in the shoe isle and I didn't notice that I had parked the cart next to the little bench people use to try shoes on.  Honestly, even if I had noticed I wouldn't have thought much about it.

I was preoccupied looking at some shoes that were on clearance.  I looked over a couple of minutes later and Sweet pea was out of the cart!  I was shocked!  Apparently, Firecracker held the cart still while Sweet pea climbed out of the cart, onto the shoe bench and down into the aisle! Oh my goodness!!!  I about died!  Pretty sure no matter how big of a fight she puts up I will be buckling her into the front of the cart until she's 16.

Have a great day!
Ms. T  

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