Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Question Friday

Good Morning, Friends!  It's Friday!!!  Yippee!!!  Tomorrow we're finally going to put our Christmas tree up! =)  I LOVE looking at beautiful Christmas trees and lights.  They remind me of being a kid.  

Alright on with the 5 question fun!  Once again thanks to Mama M. for letting me link up.

1. What do you give teachers for gifts? 
 Well, since my munchkins aren't in school yet we don't give teacher gifts yet.  But I know there are lots of great things teachers would love.  Gift cards being the top of the list.

2. Do you text? One finger texter or total pro? I text yes.  

My phone has a full keyboard so I use 2 fingers to text, but I would not consider myself a total pro.  I can get my idea across and that's really all that matters.  Ya know what I mean?

3. Do you give back during the holidays? If so, in what way/which is your favorite charity? 

Yes, we always give back during the holidays.  We love Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.  We fill shoe boxes with toys, candy and toiletry items and send them over seas to children who would never have a Christmas otherwise. 

4. If you would've been the sole winner of the 575+ million dollar Powerball jackpot, what would you have done with all that money? Oh my.  First I would go on a cruise.  The Hubs and I went on a cruise for our honey moon and it was fabulous!  We haven't had the moola to go on another one.  After we got back from our cruise, we would build our own gated community.  And in this community we would build homes, but only for people we love.  We would all live close and we could allow our children to go outside and play without worrying about perverts or kidnappers.  And our kids would not fall in with "bad kids", because we would know the neighbors and their kids (heck we hand picked them!).  After that we would pay off our family's debt and probably give each family member a tidy sum.  Doesn't that sound fabulous? 

The only problem with this plan?  We didn't buy a lotto ticket.  Sure we thought about it, but on the whole we knew it was such a small chance, especially since people who don't normally buy lotto tickets were buying them because of the huge jackpot so the chances were even smaller than normal.

5. Will you please take just a moment to spread the word and pray about Mama M.'s friend's missing family members? Yes, I've already prayed for them and will continue to.  

Merry Christmas!  And have a great weekend!
Ms. T

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  1. Oh my gosh...your gated community idea? FABULOUS! I love it!!! Thanks for the prayers...I can't imagine what they are going through.

    1. Thanks, Mama M. I can't imagine how they are feeling either. We will keep praying and please keep us posted.

  2. We made a couple of OCC boxes this year, and our church's total was over 800. It's a great way of showing the love of Jesus to kids who wouldn't know Him otherwise.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Yes, OCC is awesome! Every year I get goose bumps when I see the videos of the kids receiving boxes. Thanks for stopping in ;)