Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bob the Builder

While we were on vacation we had to stop into Walmart to get a few things.  While we were there something made Firecracker think of Bob the Builder, one of his new favorite shows (he gets a new "favorite" show about once a week.  We rotate a lot...).  Anyway, as we were walking through the store Firecracker started singing at the top of his lungs: "Bob the Builder, YES OUR CAN!" and doing a fist pump into the air when he got to the end to accentuate his enthusiasm. (If you've ever seen Bob the Builder you know this is not the correct way to sing the song.  It actually goes "Bob the Builder, can we fix it? Yes we can!", but for some reason Firecracker doesn't like that way.  So as is typical for Fircracker he adjusts it to make it something he likes ;).  

The Hubs and I tried to get Firecracker to sing his song in a much quieter voice.  However, before we accomplished this feat a nearby woman started laughing and singing with Firecracker!  Then she started telling the Hubs and I that Firecracker wasn't doing anything wrong and we should just let him sing because it was adorable.  The Hubs smiled and replied, "thank you, but not everyone is as forgiving as you are."  She walked away singing the Bob the Builder song loudly.  Which of course Firecracker joined in on.  And whenever it came to the "yes we can!" Part I saw her do a fist pump into the air.  

No, I don't think she was a crazy person.  I think she got caught up in the joy of a little boy and a song.  I think she welcomed Firecracker's enthusiasm as a distraction from the ho hum duldrums of a normal Walmart trip.  It was really cute to watch she and Firecracker singing their duet.  And yes, once she was gone we succeeded in getting him to sing his song in a much softer tone ;).   
Merry Christmas!
Ms. T

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