Monday, November 5, 2012


If you have spent any time around children at all, or if you ever were a child, you know what this is:
This is what is referred to in our house as a "snot sucker".  I know, classy right?  Other less classy people call it a "bulb syringe", but that doesn't really tell you what the heck it's for.  This seemingly harmless little device sends children into hiding.  When they see it coming they run, hide, beg and scream.  It doesn't look that bad does it? 

For months this little guy hides in a drawer and all is right with the world.  And then the dreaded allergy season hits and out he comes and the screaming begins.  

Thankfully, Firecracker knows how to blow his nose now.  It's just Sweet Pea that makes the neighbors think you're murdering her when we need to use it. =(  Maybe she'll figure the nose blow out soon too.  We can hope.

Hope you all have a great, snot free day!
Ms. T   

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