Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Question Friday

Good morning, Friends.  It’s Friday!  I’m excited, because today the Hubs and I are going to haul our little ones to the beach and I’m going to attempt some pictures.  I’ve never done that type of setting, and I’d like to try it out.  I’ll post pictures eventually.
Well, on with the 5 question fun!  Once again thanks to Mama M. for letting us link up.

1. If you had c-section do you wish you would have had vaginal? Or vice versa?
      I had my babies the natural way.  And no, I don’t wish I had a c- section.  I have friends that have had both natural births and c-sections and they all swear to me that natural is better.  I wouldn’t know, because I never had a c-section, but I’m glad I was able to have my babies naturally.

2. If vaginal did you go drug free?

     HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! No! I was all, “give me all the drugs I can have!!”  I had no grand dilusions of being able to make it through drug free.  I know women that have given birth drug free and I admire them.  However, from the minute I found out I was prego I knew I wouldn’t be one of those women!

3. Did you have any complications?

     With Firecracker I had complications during delivery.  I will spare you all the gorey details, but I nearly died.  But thanks to a wonderful Midwife and Doctor Firecracker and I both pulled through. 
     With Sweet Pea there were no complications at birth.  She was an easy one (comparatively).  I even told the Hubs after she was born, “that’s the normal way for child birth, no wonder people are willing to have more than one!”  (Sweet Pea was a planned pregnancy, but it took me a LONG time to consent to having a second)

4. Who was in the delivery room with you?

     With Firecracker, my whole family came in the delivery room, until it was time to start pushing.  For real, and my Daddy was watching the mini series Band of Brothers (it's about a platoon in WWII).  Yeah, not exactly birthing material.  
     Once it came time for pushing we kicked everyone out except, my Midwife, who I consider part of the family.  I seriously love her.  When I was close to giving birth to Sweet Pea she gave me her phone number and told me to use it whenever I wanted.  And, because she knew I had complications with Firecracker, she called me 3 or 4 times between visits during the week before I gave birth just to check on me.  She’s the sweetest!  My Mama, and the Hubs. And once things started to go south while giving birth to Firecracker, the Doc and about 10 nurses (or so the Hubs tells me, I knew it was a lot, but I had lost a lot of blood and barely remember the end of it) That's it.

5. Did you document your labor and delivery? (Photos, videos, etc.)
     No.  We did take pictures afterwards, which I looked a mess in, but during?  Nope.  I saw no reason for that.  Kudos to those that chose to do that, but it’s not my style.  I don’t need my whoo ha saved forever in photo form, thankyouverymuch!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Ms. T

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