Monday, November 26, 2012


Before I get into this post, I'm so excited to say Merry Christmas to you all!!  It's finally that time of year again where we get to say that!  I love Christmas time!! ;)

Ok so on with the show, I know you must be thinking, Ms. T, Thanksgiving?  Again?  Aren't you a smidgen late?  Well, no I'm not, thank you for asking.  Our family went on a vacation over the week of Thanksgiving. We went to see my Father In Law and had a fabulous time!

I really enjoyed the time away, but I'm even happier to be home.  What is it about time away that makes you so happy to come home?  Home and routine are two things I take for granted until they're not there for one reason or another.  

The trip is 12 hours one way.  I must say that while the munchkins didn't travel as well as they have in the past, they did do very well.  Praise the Lord for the person that invented travel dvd players.  I'm not going to lie, my children watched more tv on the trip then they are allowed to watch in 2 or 3 days combined when we're home.  However, it sure does make the trip waaaay more enjoyable for everyone involved!  And now we're home safe and sound with suitcases begging to be unpacked and laundry begging to be ignored, um I mean, laundry begging to be washed..... So off I go to dig in!

Merry Christmas!
Ms. T 

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