Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Question Friday

Good morning, Friends!
Today is going to be jammed full of things to do.  Why is it that Mamas seem to always have 94,847,583,920 things to do?  Ahh that's ok, I wouldn't trade being a Mama for anything.  Ok, enough of my whining.  On with the 5 question fun!  Thanks to Kate for hosting this week's 5 question Friday.

1.  What snacks/drinks do you eat at the movies?
     The Hubs LOVES him some popcorn.  So usually when we get into the foyer of the theater he makes a dash for the snack stand.  Of course ignoring my point that we just had dinner and that it's ridiculous to spend 5.00 on a small thing of popcorn.  Oh well, he's worth it ;).

2. What is one food you refuse to ever try?
     This is a tough one, because I like to try all kinds of foods. I like to be open minded when it comes to food. However, if someone presented something really weird like goat brains I'm sure I'd decline.

3.  What's your favorite nail polish color?
     Anything that's bright!  I love a good hot pink or neon green or road reflector orange.  I know that's probably too young for me, but I can't help myself.  I'm modest in every other aspect of my appearance so I go all crazy on my toes ;).

4.  What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
     I'd have to say my favorite Thanksgiving tradition would be having the whole family together.  I took that for granted when I was a kid.  Now that my family is scattered everywhere I am so grateful when we are all together and doing crazy shenanigans (which sets terrible examples for our children ;).

5.  What are your least favorite words in the English language?
     I'm going to have to say cuss words are my least favorite words.  I despise hearing people cuss.  It makes you look ignorant, not important.  I understand being frustrated, because believe it or not I get that way too! I know that must shock you.  And I understand some people slip every now and again.  I'm not judging, but come on.  The people that can't complete a full sentence without at least 1 cuss word?  That bothers me a lot.  I don't like to judge, because the Bible says, "judge not unless you want to be judged".  However, I can chose to leave the area when someone is filling my (and my children's) ears with verbal garbage.  Ok, I'm climbing down from my soap box now =).

I hope you all have a great weekend!!
Ms. T         

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  1. yes, I agree with verbal could also contain hurtful words and put downs...anything that is hurtful or derogatory is NOT good.

    I am so bad...I go crazy for popcorn.

    1. Karen, you're so right. I should've included the hurtful things people say too.

      Oh I secretly love that the Hubs gets the popcorn, because it's sooooo tasty. I just can't bring myself to pay that price if it's up to me =).

  2. The use of the "F" word has gotten way out of hand.

    1. You're so right! I despise how often people use it. Even in the movies it seems.