Monday, January 7, 2013

The Mob

This Christmas I was made "an offer I couldn't refuse" (read that last part with the voice of the guy on the Godfather).  Not really, but I couldn't help but put that line in this post some where! =).

Actually, I learned that I am part of the Mafia.  My family have dubbed ourselves the "Minivan Mafia".  My BIL went outside at one point to get something from his van, and when he came back inside he said it looked like the "Minivan Mafia" had attacked my parent's house.  After we all had a good laugh over that we adopted the nick name.  So be careful and don't mess with anyone in my family, or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes!  (you know the little cracker kind, you can find those on almost any minivan floor, along with various and sundry other things.  Trust me that's a true threat! hahaha!)

Now, I feel I'm in the need of some kind of Mafia-ish nick name.  You know like Lefty, or Baby Face, or Guido or something.  I'll keep you posted if I think of one! =)

Have a great day!
Ms. T     

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