Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Running Late

On Tuesdays, I work at Firecracker's school.  I am not usually there very long time, just from around 8 til noon (school doesn't start til 8:30, but the principal likes teachers, and other staff to be there by 8).  On these days I have to leave the house by 7:30.  

Yesterday, I woke up and glanced at the clock.  The clock said 7:43.  I thought, "that can't be right.  I have 3 different alarms set on my phone for different purposes, all of which go off before 7:43."  I rolled over and checked my phone and guess what?  It was 7:43!  Apparently, somehow I accidentally turned my phone on to silent the night before.  

I jumped out of bed, ran down to Firecracker's room, woke him up and told him what he needed to do to get ready.  I ran into the kitchen, threw some frozen waffles into the toaster oven for the kids, then ran into my room to get dressed.

At 8:00 on the nose, we were pulling out of the drive way.  We pulled into the school's parking lot at 8:20.  Sure I was 20 minutes late, but we managed to be there before school actually started.  

It was a chaotic morning to say the least, but at least I was well rested! Hahaha!

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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