Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't Be Jealous, Ladies

I believe I have shared with you before that my evil arch nemesis abides in my house with me.  It's name you ask?  Laundry!  It NEVER goes away!

Ok, so maybe "evil arch nemesis" is going a slight, teeny weeny bit overboard.  It's not too bad if I keep on top of it.  However, when you hit a slump or have a breakdown, the laundry doesn't stop just because you did.  It just keeps growing.

I married a gracious, gracious man.  The Hubs knows that I struggle with this.  He also knows that I make a valiant effort most of the time to keep on top of it.  The Hubs tends to stay away from laundry, because he doesn't care for it either, and our strategies when it comes to laundry are extremely different.  So working side by side doesn't go well with that chore.  He does tell me if I ever need him to do it just to let him know and he will take it over.

Well, last weekend I pulled out the white flag and raised it high.  I was so overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of laundry I had allowed to pile up simply by pretending it wasn't there.  I begged the Hubs to help me do some of it and get it down to a manageable amount.

That wonderful, sweet, kind, beautiful man did A LOT of laundry for me!  No, I will not give you a specific number, because I'm ashamed at how much there was!  But let's just say it was more than it should have been!

Oh, Hubs, I love you so much!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for digging me out of the laundry hole!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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