Monday, October 28, 2013

Entertaining Strangers

The other day, Sweet pea and I were in Walmart.  She did not want to ride in the cart (she thinks she is big stuff if she can walk instead of riding in the cart).  So here we are walking along and Sweet pea missed a step.  She didn't exactly fall down, because I was holding her hand.  Instead she did this awkward lean-forward-one leg on the ground- one leg in the air position.  

Once Sweet pea had regained control of herself, she dropped down to all fours and started panting like a puppy.  I told her she was not a doggie and to get up off of the floor.  As she obeyed, she kept her hands on the floor and straightened her legs.  Then she lifted one leg in the air in a crazy, look what I can do, kind of pose (honestly, it's a pose Firecracker does all the time when he's trying to dance.  What can I say, he is as bad at dancing as his Mama).  Finally, she stood all the way up.  

Once I had her hand again and turned around to keep walking I noticed an old lady watching us.  She grinned widely and then said, "does the baby take yoga lessons, or something?"  I just laughed and told her that Sweet pea learns from her crazy, big brother.

As I walked away I realized that my kids do not just entertain me.  They entertain pretty much any one that watches their antics for more than 2 minutes at a time!  They are such unique little people.  I love the way their little minds work.  They constantly are coming up with different stuff that amazes and amuses me.  I hope they never change.

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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