Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Question Friday

Good Morning, Friends!  I-yi-yi this has been a long week.  It's been a good one, but I'm exhausted!  Not much rest for this chicka this weekend though. 2 birthday parties and grocery shopping and of course church.  It'll all be good, but not much time to chill out in there ya know?

On with the fun!  I know you all are dying to find out what my crazy brain will say to these questions so let's find out!

1.  Would you go to your high school reunion?
     Yes, I totally would.  I enjoyed all the people I graduated with.  (and yes, I can say that for certain considering there were only 7 in my graduating class.  No, you didn't read that wrong and no, I didn't forget to add a number.  I went to a VERY small Christian school, so everybody knew everybody.  And the majority of us got along.)    
2.  What's something that you've recently splurged on; either for yourself or someone else?
     Is putting a hit out on someone considered splurging on them?  =)  Just kidding!  Where would I get that kind of cash?!  Hahaha!  
Ok, my real answer: it's definitely for some one else.  In this case it's bunk beds for the kiddos.  For at least a little while Firecracker and Sweet pea are going to have to share a room and the best way to make the space work is bunk beds.  

3.  How do you handle your child's fever?
     Oh, don't you know?  My children NEVER get sick.  Insert sarcastic font here.  I monitor the kiddo very closely and use children's tylenol "as directed" hahaha!

4.  What's the nicest thing to happen to you lately?
     Firecracker was playing the other day and he was running in a different direction, but he hollered back over his shoulder, "Mom, I love you!"  For no reason.  Moments like that make my heart melt =).

5.  What's your current favorite song?
     I'd have to go with "I am Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave.  This song is so perfect!  It talks about how Christ has set us free and we can shake off our heavy chains and He wipes away every stain.  Who doesn't want to hear about that?!  And in case you want to hear it for yourself here it is!


What a great way to start off the weekend!  Hope you have a good one!
Ms. T

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