Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Batman Pinata Tutorial

Okie dokie, folks, we have reached the last "how to" in the Batman birthday party series!  Last but not least we have the Batman pinata.  Honestly, I think the pinata was my favorite =).

You will need:
2 large pieces of cardboard
A projector (or someone really good at free hand)
A bat symbol (I printed one from on line.  A google image search will turn up a billion options)
Zip ties
2 large cereal boxes
Packing Tape
Black spray paint 
Box cutter

1. Use your projector to enlarge your bat symbol and trace it onto both pieces of your cardboard.  Your finished product will look like this

 2.  Cut out your shape using your box cutter

3.  Make 4 slits in your cereal boxes.  2 in the middle of each side (where you will use your zip ties to connect the symbol to the boxes)

4.  Wrap one of your cereal boxes around the other one.

5.  You're going to need to cut a hole along the top in order to have somewhere to put the candy in.  And to be able to get to pull the zip ties through, and to be able to have access to the zip ties for hanging the pinata. I ended up misjudging the size I needed to make the symbol in order to cover the cereal boxes so I had to cut the boxes to make them not show.  However, if you make your symbol bigger than your boxes your life will be much simpler.  This is all I should have had to do was cut off the long part of the cereal box and after I was done adding the zip ties, the rope for hanging and the candy I would have been able to put packing tape on top to keep it all in... Instead

This is what I  had to do:

Nothing like making life more difficult.... Learn from my mistakes

6.  Add your zip ties to hold it all together (pictured above)

7.  Spray paint

8. Tada!

Have a great day!
Ms. T


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