Wednesday, March 20, 2013


As I begin my homage to bleach I must give a shout out to my Aunt.  She loves bleach just as much as I.  It has helped to bond us haha!

Bleach is my friend.  It cleans bathrooms, kitchens, tea stained pitchers, potty seats, hand me down toys, crib mattresses etc...  In short: It cleanses all the nastiness that is part of life with a child(ren) or husband ;). 

Some people walk into my house after I've been cleaning and tell me it smells so strong (The Hubs included).  Then they proceed to ask me how I can stand it.  To me the real mystery is how they can walk into a house that has the beautiful aroma of bleach wafting from every hard surface and it not make them happy? 

Yes, my friends, I'm confessing to the fact that the smell of bleach makes me happy!  I love it simply because it means everything is CLEAN!!  Ahhhh and what Mommy doesn't love a clean house? 

So as we are staring into the face of another cold and flu season I will be armed with my 2 most favorite weapons bleach and hand sanitizer.  (a whole 'nother post hahaha!)  

And as my babies are finally getting better after their bout with hand, foot and mouth disease, you can rest assured I'll be cleaning EVERYTHING with bleach to kill those nasty germs!!

Hope you have a delightful day =)

Ms. T


  1. I LOVE bleach. What a happy woman it makes me. I like you already :)

    1. Any fellow bleach lover is a friend! =)