Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bird Feeder

Firecracker and I attempted to make our very own bird feeder.  This is what we did:


We used a pine cone, sunflower seeds (what we had, but you can use any kind), peanut butter and fishing line.

We spread the peanut butter across the pine cone.

p.s. Do not turn your back on your peanut butter lover when they are done spreading the peanut butter across the pine cone, because other wise they will lick the spoon... boys are gross.

Sprinkle seeds across the peanut butter.

Use the fishing line to hang the pine cone to a tree =).  (Sorry this pic is blurryOh well!)   
Hope you all have a great day!
Ms. T
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  1. That pic isn't blurry! The house in the background is in perfect focus! Or...maybe there is a blurry pinecone in the foreground...or both!
    I thought you had some fancy-schmancy camera that takes perfect pictures for you, does your taxes and folds your laundry.

    1. Ha-ha. (note sarcasm!) I used my regular camera for this pic. That's why it's not perfect. Hahahaha!