Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Room To Breathe

Today my bestie, Ms. L, is going to share with us.  Reading this makes me laugh.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. =)  The Boy, is Ms. L's 9 year old son.  Take it away, Ms. L!!

 Oh, my!  The Bad Mom award goes to me (again)!  I have been the recipient of this award more times than is legally allowed.  I believe that I may have even been inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

It all started when The Boy was a mere 4-5 months old.  Who thought peeling an orange was such a bad thing?  Well, it's not.  Unless you happen to squirt the super potent orange peel juice into your infant's eyes.  The sound of screaming baby is not the background noise I prefer for my yummy snack.

Since then, multiple times, both children of mine have bestowed upon me this prestigious award.  All of them would make you laugh.  Ms. T knows pretty much all of them, and she is sworn to secrecy on some.  In fact, when we were discussing starting this blog, she said, "Come on.  You can write about (insert super embarrassing story here)."

Which brings us to the awards program for today.  On Tuesday morning, The Boy went to put on his tennis shoes for school.  Being a boy, of course he tried to stuff his foot into his shoe without having to untie it.  Apparently, somehow he broke the heel support in the shoe.  This piece is apparently made of plastic, and when it is broken, sharp edges will jab you in the heel.  It's kind of like your shoe has a shiv.  "Be careful.  This shoe will cut you!"  (Sorry.  Inside joke that I am sure we will share with you eventually.)

Well, it was a PE day, so he had to have tennis shoes for school.  I remembered that we had his older tennis shoes that he managed to pretty much ruin over the summer.  After a quick prayer that they would still fit, his foot slipped right in. 

Okay, so they were dirty, and definitely worn down, but they were tennis shoes and they fit.  So off to school  he went. 

Cue Wednesday morning, getting ready for school.  Oh, darn!  I forgot to go buy The Boy new shoes!  Oh well, nothing we can do about it now!  Off to school we go.

So after school yesterday, we go shoe shopping.  So, we find the perfect pair of shoes. I tell him to sit down so we can try them on, go to pull off his old shoes, and lo and behold, what do I see?  On each shoe, there is a rather large hole near the toes that had not been there when we put them on that morning. 

"Boy, What happened to your shoes?"

"I don't know, Mom.  Probably when we were playing football.  But don't worry, I just told my teacher and friends that you were letting my toes breathe."

Oh, really?  Gee, why didn't you just tell them that I cut holes in your shoes while I held you down and squirted orange juice in your eyes?

So, here on the shelf of all my life's accomplishments, I scoot over my "Orange Gun" Trophy to make room for a set of lovely bronze shoes with holes in the toes.  Have you won any awards lately?  If so, I would love to hear about it. 
No. Really. I want to hear it so I don't feel so bad anymore! :)

Ms. L

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