Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cup

Last Sunday the Hubs and I arrived at Church and some how he found an extra sippy cup under one of the van seats.  Some of you already know that we hunt them often. This sippy cup happened to be semi transparent and we could literally see the chunks floating in it (I know disgusting right?!).  We left the cup in the van deciding we would dispose of the cup when we got to my parent's house after church.   

A few hours later we were at my parent's house and realized we still needed to dispose of the nasty cup (sometimes, they are just not worth trying to save, and this was one of those times).  When I picked the cup up to throw it out, the motion of the liquid was too much for the cup and it started spewing!  Thankfully very little got on anyone (a tiny bit on my leg, but I was wearing a skirt, so the nastiness was easily cleaned off), but it got in the van carpeting. =(  YUCK!!!  It was not fun, but it's all cleaned up now.... I'm just hoping that when I get in the van tomorrow it doesn't stink! If any of you see me and I smell like putrid milk, please tell me.  Thanks in advance!

Hope you all have a great day!
Ms. T   

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