Thursday, January 3, 2013

Schedule? What Schedule?

These last few weeks have been crazy.  We have been playing, shopping, hanging with family and doing all the rest of the stuff that comes along with Christmas.  We've had a great time.  However, the kid's schedule is all wackadoodle now.  

Their schedule used to go something like this: Get up, have breakfast, play, read some books, play, go to the store/ any other necessary errand, lunch, nap.  However, the last two weeks the schedule has been something like this: go, go, go, sleep if you must, go some more!

Thankfully, they have been remarkably well behaved for this interruption in their little lives.  I'm one blessed Mama!  And now that life is going back to normal our schedule has gone back to it's much more mundane and normal way.  It's like any other vacation.  We've had a great time, but it's nice to get back to normal =).

Happy New Year!
Ms. T    

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