Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Great Sippy Cup Hunt

If you're anything like me your children drink out of sippy cups.  Because you don't want to follow them around and clean up spills all day long.  However, there is a very specific trade off that you get with this.  

My children carry their sippy cups everywhere.  The only problem with this is that often the sippy cups have a tendency to disappear.  Then you end up spending 10 to 15 minutes hunting for them.  It's like a grown up version of Easter egg hunting, but the prize at the end isn't as fun as candy.  And more often than not when you are hunting for that day's sippy cup you end up finding ones from other days that you couldn't find.  Yeah, I'm sure you can imagine how fabulous it is to find a sippy cup half full of milk that has been missing for 2 days.  

Let's just say I've become a pro at learning how to clean sippy cups well enough to where they no longer stink like rotten milk.  SICK NASTY!! When Firecracker was little if I found a sippy cup with rotten milk in it I would just pitch it.  But if I threw out all the sippy cups with rotten milk in them now days, we would not have any sippy cups left within 2 weeks time!  And good grief have you priced sippy cups lately?!  I'd go broke!

And now I must go and probably hunt for another cup!  Have a great day!

Ms. T

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