Monday, June 17, 2013

Great Memories

With Father’s Day this last weekend, I was reminiscing about what a great Father I have.  One memory hit me harder than the others.  It was something I hadn’t thought about in years.  However, it shows what an amazing, sweet, self- sacrificing Father I have.
When I was about 6 I had a loose tooth.  Our family went to a friend’s house to visit for a few days.  While there my tooth came out.  I was elated!  (I’m pretty sure it was my first tooth to fall out, but I don’t remember for sure.)  Because I was 6 and didn’t think things through, I put the tooth on the counter in the bathroom and proceeded to go around telling anyone that would listen about my tooth falling out!  When I went back in to retrieve the tooth, it was gone!  My little 6 year old heart was broken.  Where had my tooth gone?  It was so special to me!

My Daddy came in the bathroom and helped me look around.  He concluded that it probably went down the drain.  I was crushed!  I had lost my prized possession!  My Daddy tried to console me, but I was so upset.  So Daddy went and got some tools and took the piping of the sink apart and looked all through it.  He was so sweet!  Unfortunately, the tooth was gone forever, but I knew my Daddy would do anything for me.  I knew he loved me.

That memory is one that will always stick with me.  How many grown men do you know that would disassemble a friend’s sink looking for their kid’s missing tooth?  Not many, my friends!  He’s one in a million and I’m so glad God placed me in his family.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  And I hope you have a fabulous day!
Ms. T

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