Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Friends

The other day I was shopping for clothes and there were 2 other women in the shop also.  One had gone into the changing rooms while the other remained out on the sales floor continuing to shop.  The one woman that was trying some clothes on came out with an ill fitting top on and asked what her friend thought.

The friend said, "Oh, honey, no!  That shirt shows off a bulge around your middle!  You don't want that one."  And then went back to shopping.  I looked at the friend who made the statements and said, "it's awesome to have a good friend shopping with you that you know will be honest with you."  She smiled and said, "yeah, I don't want my friends wearing anything that doesn't look good on them.  I want to help them if they ask my opinion."

I am blessed to have friends like this.  They are brutally honest with me when I need it.  It truly is refreshing. =)

Hope you have a great day!
Ms. T 

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