Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Letter To Myself

The Hubs and I were having a conversation the other day about the things in the past that we would change if we had a chance.  And while I don't have any major ones like, "Hide the marijuana better" or anything, there are a few I would have avoided if I could.  I decided I'd compose a letter to myself of the things I would tell myself at the age of 15 or so.

Dear Me,
     I know that right about now you think you're so mature.  You're not.  And that's ok.  Enjoy being a teenager, because it only comes once.  Yes, I know you feel awkward around boys, and sometimes you don't know exactly what to say to people in general, but just chill.  Be happy and enjoy your life.
     The guys that you're surrounded with right now are great as friends, but none of them are your soul mates.  Hang out with them and have fun, but don't crush hard.  
     Don't try to become a teacher.  You will enjoy a few years of teaching, but then you become weary of overbearing parents.  Parents that think you're the one who is wrong and their child is perfect.  These people steal your joy and make you despise teaching.  Get a business degree instead, or something else, NOT teaching.
     Becareful what you say.  Yes, I know you are sarcastic, but not every one does.  Be more gentle with your words.  Know that your friends truly do care for you.  And you really will be BFFs ;).
     Oh, and most importantly, keep an eye on the guy with the awesome mustang that goes to church with you.  Sure you've known him forever, and yeah he might be a little older than you are, but trust me, he's a MAJOR KEEPER!  
                                                                    See you in the future,

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