Monday, June 18, 2012

St. Augustine

You remember awhile ago we went to St. Augustine to help my brother and sister in law move?  Well, we had a fabulous time and it occurs to me that I never really blogged about all our great fun there.  So here we go!  I am not sure it will all fit into one post, so you may get more tomorrow ;).

After moving all the stuff into T & C's new house we all decided to go sight seeing.  We went down town and walked through the shops.

My Mama and Daddy.  They still hold hands... isn't that cute?!
We found a gazebo that had cannons around it (sounds like an odd combo I know!).

Of course Firecracker and Tank went straight for the cannons!
Poor guys couldn't figure out why the cannon balls wouldn't come off...

Don't worry Uncle T is hiding behind the cannon holding Sweet Pea up so she wouldn't fall.  I know it looks scary ;)
Look at that all 4 cousins looking at the camera and smiling =).

After our exploring we were all hot and wanted to cool down.  So we found an ice cream shop which of course the kids (and I) were thrilled about!

It was a fabulous break!  And this is where I'll leave you hanging ;).  We'll continue tomorrow =)

Hope you all have a great day!

Ms. T

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